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Family Law

We serve families with children, seniors, and individuals in matters of domestic relations, the custody and care of minors and vulnerable adults, and land disputes. 

We have nearly 35 years of experience in Estate Planning (Powers of Attorney, Wills

and Trusts) and Estate Administration (Heirship and Probate Proceedings)


Personal Injuries and Wrongful Deaths

Our practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of and seeking remedies for plaintiffs who have suffered injury or wrongful death resulting from the negligence of government agents, healthcare providers, businesses, property owners, and private employers.

Negligent Hire & Retention

After three years of extensive litigation involving nearly 20 lawyers, Cooper negotiated a six-figure settlement on behalf of a Tennessee teenage girl who was assaulted by a BellSouth serviceman outside her home.  In violation of its own hiring policies and practices, BellSouth not only hired, but also retained, a convicted rapist and sex offender, to provide services to its customers. The matter settled to avoid a televised trial.


Criminal Defense

Our team assumes the offensive position and is boldly zealous in defending citizens charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses.  We are not afraid to think, write, and argue outside the box in the pursuit of justice before the state and federal trial and appellate courts.

Malicious Prosecution  

Cooper and her investigator, Darrell Carey, were unstoppable as they searched for the truth in the murder of a beloved Leake County, Mississippi business owner.  Two males were indicted for this capital murder, and the prosecution sought the death penalty. Because they were innocent, there was absolutely no evidence that they had committed the crime.  Mr. Carey’s investigation was the only active investigation of the murder. 13 months of filing motions and appearing before the judge ended with one of the two being acquitted by the jury and the other being released from jail once the indictment was dismissed.  


Business Services

We are proud to provide business services to product manufactures, property owners and managers, community development corporations (CDCs), and non-profit organizations. We are excited to add regional ecumenical bodies and rising musical and performing artists to our book of business clients. MTLO’s business services have progressed from the 20th century to the 21st century with the on-boarding of millennial attorney, Michael Gorden.


Appellate Practice

Despite the countless hours devoted to researching case law and statutes and drafting memoranda and briefs, the opportunity to possibly create new state and federal law is thrilling. The issues have ranged from unlawful arrests, prolonged detentions, excessive bails, cruel and unusual punishments, failure to timely transport for medical care and attention, and other violations of the U.S. Constitution. Although the laws are slow to change, our arguments have been compelling and worthy of oral presentations.


922 Woodrow Wilson Avenue

P. O. Box 11556

Jackson, MS 39283-1556

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